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POINT PHU (BLACK ENERGY): by Amadou Moustapha DIOP

Amino acids to the man of today, Life seemed to have only one goal: to survive, to perpetuate itself.
According to which program? This is the question that immediately comes to mind.
What is the ultimate destiny of man?
Perfection ! Is it within reach when, according to the believers, only God is perfect?
This book raises a host of fundamental questions and tries to offer avenues of exploitation thanks to the overflowing imagination of its Author.
Father Malian and mother Benin, the author was born in April 1945 in Cotonou, Dahomey (Benin current).
After his baccalaureate he studied Modern Literature in Abidjan and Ouagadougou, then moved to Cinema. (Free Conservatory of French Cinema) and directed several films including two feature films ‘The Gafiré Doctor ‘ (the best known, seven (7) awards) and ‘Mamy Watta’ in 35 minutes. Press boss in the 90s, he is today, writer and manager of a publishing house.

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April 15, 1975 – Memoirs of a companion of Seyni Kountché. By Moumouni Adamou Djermakoye

More than thirty years later, despite all the evidence, many areas of shadows still persist about the real reasons for the coup d’état of April 15, 1974 including its preparation and conduct.
Many important aspects remain unknown to the general public. From this evidence, the idea of ​​writing my memoirs on this major fact in the political history of our country has been brewing my mind for a long time.
Being totally inhabited, she has imposed on me over the years as a duty that I can not escape, having had the chance to cross Niger’s history for forty years and to be one of the key witnesses and a artisans of the Coup d’Etat of April 15, 1974.

Few people know that the coup d’état of April 15, 1974, almost did not happen. Few people know that the dates chosen for its execution have been repeatedly postponed. Few people know why we did it, and how we did it, and especially who were the initiators and true anchors …
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